When to Move from Independent Living to Assisted Living

Our needs can change as we age. And, as our needs change, so too do our living situations. For older adults living in senior living communities, this can mean making the move from independent living to assisted living. But just when is it time to make that move?

Is it time for assisted living?

There is no checklist that you can tick boxes off of to decide if it’s time for your loved one to make the move from an independent living community to an assisted living community. However, together with your entire family and your loved one’s care team, you can make an educated decision on which senior living arrangement is best for your family’s unique situation.

The most common reason people make the switch to assisted living is because they need a different level of care. In other words, they require a different type of long-term care than they are currently receiving. Most often, when people’s personal care needs change, it is because they require some assistance with activities of daily living, or ADLs. ADLs are activities you need to complete each day to live happily and healthily, such as toileting and getting dressed.

Another reason people make the move to assisted living is to make new friends. Older adults are at particular risk of social isolation, so making the move to a shared living space—such as an assisted living community—can help increase seniors’ quality of life. When living in a communal space, older persons can share dining rooms, participate in wellness activities, and more with their peers, making socialization a breeze.

In short, assisted living communities are perfect for older adults at risk of social isolation and who need some assistance with ADLs. Many assisted living residents live with a mild impairment, such as early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

When is it not time for assisted living?

Assisted living is just that—assistance. It is not designed to care for residents with extensive medical needs that require 24/7 monitoring. In these cases, assisted living is not the best fit.

But don’t despair.

There are plenty of other senior living options available to your loved one besides assisted living. If your loved one decides that independent living, assisted living, or in-home care is not the best fit, they may find that either skilled nursing care or memory care is best.

Skilled nursing care provides around-the-clock medical care for residents with a serious medical condition or otherwise frail health. Memory care is designed for people with cognition issues and memory loss, such as those caused by late-stage dementia.

When moving to senior living at McKnight Place is the right choice!

Family members: get peace of mind that your loved one gets necessary care from compassionate staff. Older adults: rest assured that you can make new friends, enjoy old hobbies, and discover new passions at McKnight Place.

We offer a wide variety of senior care options:

That means we can meet the needs of people of various skill levels, abilities, and interests—including you or your loved one. From helping you move in to your new home to giving family caregivers a break from caring for aging parents, we help St. Louis-area families get the senior care they need.

Contact us today. We would love to work with you to find an arrangement that works best for your family’s unique needs.

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