Speech Therapy

Elderly man and therapist holding clipboard writing personal information having pleasant warm conversation.

Speech and language therapy services address various concerns, including age-related illness, neurological difficulties, and deterioration of the swallowing mechanism. Our highly skilled speech therapists work with McKnight Place residents to boost their ability to speak clearly and to swallow. 

Why speech therapy?

Speech therapy for seniors can help with speech issues due to the natural aging process. As one grows older, larynx muscles can weaken and vocal cords become less elastic, making it difficult to talk clearly. Speech therapy vocal exercises can help seniors re-learn how to speak and communicate effectively once again.

Senior adults may also have common conditions that can benefit from speech therapy including aphasia following a stroke, brain injury, Alzheimer’s and dementia, oral cancer, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease.

Therapy is used to preserve brain function associated with communication in people who have dementia. Communicating wants and needs is especially important. If seniors can’t communicate pain, discomfort, or a simple issue – things can quickly escalate to an emergency situation.

Speech therapists also help recommend diet plans for residents who may have developed swallowing difficulty. These plans can help eliminate the risk of choking and maintain safety. Enjoying a meal while socializing with others is critical to a fulfilling quality of life.

Rehabilitative care is available on-site

By making quality therapy and medical services readily available, it is easy and convenient for residents to take care of the necessities and have more time to enjoy life as they choose.

To learn more about speech therapy and other services available, contact us today to learn more.

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