Therapy & Wellness

McKnight Place is committed to being a premier assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing community by providing the highest quality programs, services and healthcare to our residents each and every day.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy services focus on getting you moving again. Using therapeutic exercise and functional training, we work to promote proper movement and function while maintaining or improving quality of life for our residents.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on restoring the activities of daily living following an illness or injury. We also work on emotional and social adjustments to help you regain your independence, confidence and self-reliance.

Restorative Therapy

Restorative therapy helps residents maintain physical abilities that foster independence and a healthy lifestyle. Our restorative therapy program is supplemental to occupational and physical therapies with individualized exercise routines that develop safe practices and maintain their mobility.

Speech Therapy

Being able to communicate is important at any age, but it is vital for seniors. Communicating wants and needs as well as the ability to simply enjoy a meal are critical to a fulfilling quality of life. Our speech therapy program treats language, cognitive, speech, and feeding difficulties resulting from an accident, stroke or neurological condition.

McKnight Place resident painting in watercolors.

Art Therapy

Art therapy can restore functioning and improve well-being, while promoting relaxation, positive mood, cognitive stimulation, memory recall and self-esteem. McKnight Place Assisted Living & Memory Care offers an array of art classes and art therapy opportunities. Through private or group art-therapy sessions, residents enjoy a sense of creative accomplishment, increased confidence and many other benefits.

Music Therapy

Music is accessible and enjoyable by almost everyone and it has a powerful effect on memory and the psyche, making it a powerful tool to help addresses social, physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of seniors. McKnight Place utilizes a variety of music therapy techniques to address the needs of each resident through sensory and intellectual stimulation to help maintain or improve our residents’ quality of life.

McKnight Place resident listening to woman play the guitar.

Pet Therapy

Not only do our furry friends offer companionship, research suggests that interaction with pets have the ability to boost the general health and well-being of seniors. The Pet Therapy program at McKnight Place encourages residents to socialize and exercise and helps to maintain strength, endurance and balance.

Learn more about how our professional therapists improve the lives of our residents every day. Contact a Leasing Counselor today.

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