Making the Move

There’s more to moving into a new home than just packing up your belongings and taking them to another place. Your home is filled with memories and that can make it an emotional process. We encourage you to look forward to all the new and wonderful memories you will make in your new home, and rest assured that compassionate and caring staff at McKnight Place will be with you every step of the way to help make the transition easier for you and your family.

Starting the moving process

You are not alone in this move. From your initial consultation to the perfect placement of your belongings, you’ll have a solid support system, a helping hand, and a team of friends at McKnight Place.

Initial Consultation

Start by having a conversation with our move-in coordinators to discuss your individual moving needs and any special requests you may have.

Sorting and Organization

We will offer organization advice and help you decide what should come with you to your new home. We help make this step simple, efficient, and stress free.

Comprehensive Planning

We will create a plan for your new home and provide a detailed inventory of your belongings as well as what you’ll be using to personalize your new space.

Interior Design

We can help recreate your current setting in your new home using your own decorative elements and designs or let us work with you to design a completely new space to start making new memories. It’s up to you!

Detailed Scheduling

We prepare a personalized schedule for your individual moving situation, including meetings with packers and movers as well as your utility changes. We make it easy for you.

Clean-Out Assistance Referrals

We can also provide referrals of trusted companies that can help in cleaning out or removal of remaining items after your move. If anything should go to family members, charities, auctions, donated, recycled or even shredded, we can offer advice in dealing with it.

To learn more about our move-in coordination at McKnight Place contact a Leasing Counselor today.

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