Ways to Make the Holidays Special for Seniors

Follow Some of These Tips When Visiting with Loved Ones

Joyful celebrations with family and friends are at the heart of the holidays. Yet celebrations tend to evolve over the years as kids grow up and families spread out around the country.

For many senior loved ones, the gift of time with family is often the most treasured. Here are some ways to make the holidays memorable, festive and fun for seniors — and every generation.

Party Planning

Talk with your loved one(s) about their expectations and wishes for holiday celebrations. They may change year to year based on living accommodations, abilities, health and interests.

Involving seniors in planning the celebration maintains their sense of independence and respects their place in the family. Consider creating new traditions as needed to meet everyone’s current needs.

Holiday Helpers

For seniors, the hustle and bustle of the holidays can become increasingly challenging to manage. Offer to take your senior loved one shopping for gifts or do the shopping for them. Then plan a festive afternoon of wrapping gifts topped off with favorite treats, music or other traditions.

Deck the Halls

Put on some songs of the season and help decorate your loved one’s home or living area for the holidays. Pull out some of your senior’s treasured decorations and place them where they can be fully enjoyed. If you decide to make holiday crafts together, be sure they are simple enough for older hands that sometimes aren’t as nimble as the once were.

Home for the Holidays

Plan holiday events around your loved one’s abilities. Sometimes mobility issues or other circumstances means it’s better for a loved one to celebrate closer to home. You can bring the holiday party to their assisted-living community, celebrate in town at the home of a relative or rent space where family and friends can gather. What’s most important is being together and including your loved one in the activities, from a delicious holiday meal to a spirited game of cards or other beloved traditions or activities.

Bring Loved Ones Closer

When family members live out of town or can’t be present for the festivities, tap into technology. Put the distant relatives on speakerphone or use Skype, FaceTime or other video conferencing technology to bring everyone closer. You could even set a laptop or phone at the table so the out-of-town relatives can “virtually” join everyone for a game or conversation. Just don’t ask them to pass the potatoes.

Time to Celebrate

Schedule activities around the best time of day for your loved one to feel relaxed and energetic. Follow your loved one’s normal routine and timing around meals and rest particularly if dementia is part of the picture. Watch for signs your loved one is feeling tired or overwhelmed and offer them a quiet place to rest as needed.

Celebrating Community

Residents at McKnight Place Assisted Living enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle year-round in a welcoming, social community. Designed for seniors who want to remain independent while receiving a little extra help, McKnight Place offers an elegant, home-like setting where families and friends are always welcome, whether for holiday celebrations, delicious meals or festive events.

Personalized services, restaurant-style dining, daily activities and classes, frequent outings, lush gardens and private areas for entertaining are just some of the reasons people choose McKnight Place. Residents and their loved ones also enjoy peace of mind with a nursing staff available around the clock.

Come See For Yourself

For more information or to schedule a personal tour, please call 314-993-3333 (Assisted Living & Memory Care) or 314-993-2221 (Skilled Nursing).

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