Tips for Moving a Senior Parent

Be Prepared for When That Time Comes

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. For senior parents, the idea of moving can be even more distressing. It may feel like giving up independence, even when it has become more challenging for them to maintain a home or safely accomplish daily tasks.

Yet moving to an assisted-living community is often liberating for adult seniors. They receive freedom from home upkeep, cooking and other responsibilities, while gaining social connections, personal attention and activity options in a safe, supportive environment.

Assisted living offers the best of both worlds: independence with a little extra help when needed to allow adult seniors to thrive.

Make the Move Easier

Tips to make the move easier for your senior parents:

Begin talking early. Allowing time to discuss the future and adjust to the idea of moving is key to a smooth transition. Don’t wait until the chaos of a crisis to bring up the benefits of assisted living for your senior parents.

Encourage your parents’ right to decide where they would like to live. Offer to go together to tour a few assisted-living communities and help them learn more about their choices, so they feel a sense of control.

Take it one room at a time. Older parents may have lived in their family home for decades and have likely accumulated a lot. To make packing feel less overwhelming, start with the smallest or least-used room to set the tone for the rest of the sorting and packing process.

Don’t rush the packing process. It can be difficult to let go of possessions. Give your senior parents time to make decisions. Remind them they can help others by donating items they no longer need.

Focus on the future. Sorting through possessions and transitioning can cause some sadness, so give your senior parents time to acknowledge and appreciate the past. At the same time, remind your parents they can continue previous hobbies, start new ones and meet new friends while remaining connected to current friends and family as they begin a new journey.

McKnight Place Can Be Your Solution

McKnight Place Assisted Living makes the move for senior adults as seamless and simple as possible. Through a customized plan based on individual needs and requests, a dedicated move-in coordinator handles everything from helping senior adults downsize to scheduling movers to designing their new home layout with their current furniture or new furniture.

This means your senior parents can immediately begin enjoying independence in their luxurious new home at McKnight Place, complemented by beautiful grounds, chef-prepared cuisine and choices of varied activities and outings.

And you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your senior parents are receiving attentive, personal services, exceptional amenities and social connections, with healthcare available onsite as needed. In addition, family members are encouraged to join their loved ones for events and activities.

Come See For Yourself

For more information or to schedule a personal tour, please call 314-993-3333 (Assisted Living & Memory Care) or 314-993-2221 (Skilled Nursing).

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