Keeping an Active Mind at McKnight Place

Keeping an Active Mind at McKnight Place

Did you know that keeping an active mind as you age is just as important as keeping physically active? McKnight Place Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing offer residents a wide range of opportunities for staying mentally engaged and stimulated. From developing new hobbies to taking weekly music lessons, McKnight Place understands the importance of staying mentally active with age and offers a variety of opportunities for residents to stay engaged.

The Benefits of Staying Sharp

Keeping mentally stimulated can help improve brain health in seniors which, in turn, can mean improved moods and attitudes. Additionally, studies have found that learning new skills at a later age can be a great way to improve one’s cognitive abilities, including memory, and that seniors who take on new hobbies or learn new skills experience improved memories compared to those who engage in less cognitively demanding activities.

McKnight Place allows and encourages a variety of activities that can help stimulate cognitive growth and help the brain become more adaptable in certain mental functions, giving it the ability to compensate for age-related changes. Things as simple as reading books from the comfort of one’s living space can improve brain health in seniors — though we take pleasure in offering plenty of other more active options including dance and exercise classes, speaker presentations, musical performances, trips to local restaurants, museums, and other local institutions, and much more.

Though research of brain health in older adults continues to evolve, seniors should know that while remaining mentally active can be beneficial to their cognitive abilities, it is not proven to be a preventive measure for avoiding neurodegenerative disease. Nevertheless, the benefits of remaining socially active and mentally engaged for brains of all ages are undisputed.

Come See For Yourself

McKnight Place Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing are proud to utilize a wide range of opportunities for residents to live physically, mentally, and socially active lifestyles. To learn more about these many opportunities, or to schedule a tour, give us a call at 314-993-3333.

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