Five Day Trip Tips for Seniors

Assisted-Living Communities Keep Seniors Active

Assisted-living communities offer senior adults many benefits: safety, activities and additional care, as well as independence. At the same time, engaging in events and activities around town as part of the larger community is still an important part of life.

Most communities, such as McKnight Place Assisted Living & Memory Care, offer multiple opportunities for residents to enjoy outings to restaurants, cultural events and other activities. However, even with these social events, some senior adults feel isolated from their families when they move to an assisted living.

Nothing can replace the quality time of an outing with family or friends. With a little preparation, you and your senior loved one can have fun and create special memories through an outing together.

Things to Consider

Here are some things to consider when planning a family outing:

1.    Seek input. Ask what your loved one would be interested in doing? You can present a few options, too.

2.    Think senior-friendly. Make sure you plan an excursion that won’t overwhelm or exhaust your loved one. Keep in mind that just because he/she enjoyed exploring the zoo 10 years ago doesn’t mean he/she can manage that now. Be aware of temperatures, terrain and accessibility wherever you plan to go.

Some activities to consider:

  • Visit museums or botanical gardens nearby
  • Enjoy a picnic in a park
  • Attend an art show, craft fair or farmers market
  • Take a class or workshop together
  • Go to a movie, concert, play or sporting event

3.    Choose the optimal time. Check your loved one’s schedule to make sure your outing doesn’t conflict with another event or anything else that is important. Determine what time of day your loved one would feel most refreshed and energetic for the outing. Keep in mind his/her normal routine around meals and rest particularly if dementia is part of the picture. Allow plenty of time for the outing so your loved one doesn’t feel rushed.

4.    Keep group size small. It’s nice to get the whole family together, but sometimes having too many people on an outing can be overwhelming and the senior may no longer be the focus.

5.    Come prepared. Bring extra bottles of water so your loved one stays hydrated and can easily take any medication needed while you’re out. Tuck away a light snack as well.

Living Life to the Fullest

Residents at McKnight Place Assisted Living & Memory Care enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle both in the community and around town. Designed for seniors who want to remain independent while receiving a little extra help, McKnight Place offers an elegant, home-like setting where families and friends are always welcome.

Personalized services, restaurant-style dining, daily activities and classes, frequent outings, lush gardens and private areas for entertaining are just some of the reasons residents choose McKnight Place. Residents also enjoy peace of mind with a nursing staff available around the clock.

Come See For Yourself

For more information or to schedule a personal tour, please call 314-993-3333 (Assisted Living & Memory Care) or 314-993-2221 (Skilled Nursing).

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