McKnight Place Skilled Nursing Speech Therapy - Speech Therapy for Adults
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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on our residents’ capacity for speech, language, comprehension, and swallowing. Rehabilitative care is available on-site to assist McKnight Place Skilled Nursing residents with these concerns. We make it easy to address any health issues requiring therapy by providing the highest quality care in our convenient therapy center.

What is speech therapy?

Speech and language therapy services address various concerns, including age-related illness, neurological difficulties, and deterioration of the swallowing mechanism. Senior adults may have common conditions that can benefit from speech therapy including brain injury, Alzheimer’s and dementia, oral cancer, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease.

Our highly skilled speech therapists work with McKnight Place residents to boost their ability to speak clearly and to swallow. Communicating wants and needs as well as the ability to enjoy a meal while socializing with others are critical to a fulfilling quality of life. Therapy is used to preserve brain function associated with communication in people who have dementia. Speech therapists also help recommend diet plans for residents who may have developed swallowing difficulty. These plans can help eliminate the risk of choking and maintain safety.

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At McKnight Place Skilled Nursing, we help our residents get the most out of life. Whether experiencing new things through our educational programs or visiting St. Louis attractions during outings, McKnight Place residents have opportunities to socialize and have fun. By making quality therapy and medical services available on-site, it is easy and convenient for residents to take care of the necessities and have more time to enjoy life as they choose.

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