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Houseplants Are Here to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Houseplants Are Here to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Having Trouble Sleeping Because of Allergies? Asthma? Stress? Insomnia?

Of all the sleep aids available nowadays, would you expect houseplants to be among the most effective? Not to mention the healthiest! Several studies from around the world have confirmed the healing power of indoor plant life which can remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as formaldehyde and benzene, making it easier for their owners to get some sleep.

These various plant science studies, including one from NASA, have discovered that many house plants help remove toxins, impart a feeling of calm, and can promote drowsiness for those lacking a good night’s sleep.

These studies have found that plants such as jasmine, valerian, English ivy, gardenia, lavender, aloe vera, and more can help induce sleep. These tests were conducted to confirm the aforementioned plants’ effect on key neurotransmitters that can ease anxiety and create a sense of calm. Keeping house plants is also a great way of beautifying your living space and introducing an element of minimal responsibility and caregiving into your daily regimen. Not to mention many of them smell great!

Customize Your Living Space at McKnight Place with Houseplants, Paints, and More

At McKnight Place, we work with our residents to make sure their living spaces are as conducive to a safe and comfortable lifestyle as possible. Residents are invited to customize their living space in just about any way they want, as our staff works with them to make sure they always feel at home. Taking care of houseplants is just one of the many hobbies that our residents have incorporated into their life at McKnight Place.

Learn more about the soothing power of houseplants and some general plant caretaking tips in this AARP article.