A Commitment to Health & Happiness
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A Commitment to Health & Happiness

A Commitment to Health & Happiness

Building on Industry-Leading Service

At McKnight Place Assisted Living, it’s easy for residents to lead healthy lives. We provide a wide range of medical services, screenings, and check-ups for residents, eliminating the need to travel off-site for every medical appointment. In fact, most routine exams and concerns can be addressed without ever having to leave home. Our Medical Director is board certified in gerontology, and our licensed nursing staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

McKnight Place residents also benefit from the convenience of regular on-site visits from a podiatrist, psychiatrist, and hearing aid specialist. Lab and x-ray, EKG, and Doppler services are also available on-site. These regularly-scheduled services give residents more time to spend socializing with friends and family or enjoying our many activities, programs, and events. Should a resident need to visit a specialist or wish to visit a preferred medical professional, we can help. McKnight Place Assisted Living offers transportation to ensure our residents always get to appointments and outings with ease.

A New Addition to the McKnight Place Community

McKnight Place Assisted Living is proud of its experienced medical staff. Our new Director of Nursing, Sherri Rozwodowski, is the latest addition to our multi-talented team of experienced professionals. She’s been a seamless addition to the McKnight Place Community’s legacy of industry-leading senior living.

With more than 15 years of experience as a Clinical Nurse Liaison, Hospice Director, Assisted Living Director of Nursing, Long-Term Care Director of Nursing, and more, Sherri Rozwodowski has been perfectly suited to join the McKnight Place family as Director of Nursing. Sherri is a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Assistant Clinical Supervisor, and Certified Level One Medication Aide and Insulin Instructor with Community Based Assessment for Assisted Living Certification. Though, more importantly, Sherri is a deeply committed and compassionate healthcare professional with a love for helping others and an unrivaled dedication to her work. Her leadership and problem-solving skills make her a welcome addition and valued asset to McKnight Place Assisted Living’s talented staff of care professionals.

A Community of Quality Care

At McKnight Place Assisted Living, our residents benefit from a variety of convenient, on-site medical services available by appointment. Additionally, our Therapy Center is fully equipped and staffed by licensed therapists five to six days a week. We offer physical, occupational, speech, and restorative therapies. By making quality medical services accessible and available on-site, we eliminate the stress that is often associated with care management. When the necessities are easily accessible, McKnight Place residents can spend more time doing the things that matter to them. Because happiness and healthiness go hand-in-hand at McKnight Place.

From chefs to therapists to nurses, McKnight Place Assisted Living is proud to employ a wide range of talented specialists and experts across varying fields. The addition of Sherri Rozwodowski as Director of Nursing is just another way in which McKnight Place continues to create a higher standard of assisted living. To learn more about Sherri or the rest of McKnight Place Assisted Living’s expert staff, or to schedule a tour, give us a call at 314-993-3333.


Sherri Rozwodowski, Director of Nursing