McKnight Place Assisted Living Exercise and Strength Training for Seniors
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Restorative Therapy

Restorative Therapy

Restorative therapy helps residents maintain physical abilities that foster independence and a healthy lifestyle. The experienced professionals at McKnight Place Assisted Living can help residents accomplish the exercise programs designed for them as part of a restorative therapy plan.

Maintain Quality of Life

Restorative therapy is an ideal option for residents who wish to maintain their mobility, balance, and strength. It is a program supplementing occupational and physical therapies with individualized exercise routines. The goal is to maximize the resident’s level of function and increase participation in activities of daily living.

Restorative therapy includes strength training, endurance building, and increasing joint mobility. It is a customized exercise program developed by our licensed therapist and Director of Nursing. Restorative therapy focuses on key goals including

  •      Range of motion
  •      Stair climbing
  •      Strength training
  •      Ambulation
  •      Transfer training (example: from bed to wheelchair)

This type of therapy helps residents maintain independence and stresses the importance of physical movement. Restorative therapy is guided by an assessment made by the resident’s medical practitioner or therapist. It can take place after rehabilitation due to an injury or illness, or can be ongoing as part of long-term care. By restoring the ability to take care of one’s own needs and maximizing abilities, quality of life is improved.

A Community of Well-Being

McKnight Place Assisted Living promotes active senior living and a healthy lifestyle. With engaging social events and opportunities for regular exercise and outings, residents have ample opportunities for friendship and activity. The entire lifestyle at McKnight Place Assisted Living is designed to provide a healthy focus with ease of living.

Come see for yourself.

McKnight Place is a unique community of wellness committed to the health and happiness of our residents. Schedule a personal tour today to see how restorative therapy and our entire professional therapy department improves the lives of our residents.

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